Attention Tribe Youth (6th-8th)

As school has started, many of you have been asking about what our Tribe junior high ministry will be up to this fall. Your kids are important to us, and we have spent much time in prayer and discussion figuring out how to best meet their needs while holding in tension what’s best for our current leadership team. 

Chris Bates, our fearless j-high leader, has been crucial in creating opportunities that meet one of our youth’s greatest needs—connection! Additionally, he has led it while going through two of the biggest life transitions a person can face—marriage and starting a new business. As you can imagine, just one of these is a lot to manage, but all three requires super-human capacity. Thankfully, Chris has recognized that in order to do well what God has called him to, he needs to prioritize his family this fall and take a pause from leadership. We fully support this decision as we see this as evidence that Chris is submitted to the leadership of Senior Pastor Jesus. 

We know your kids crave connection, so we strongly encourage them to stay plugged by attending our weekly services with your family. Tribe leadership will continue to look for opportunities to create more connection-focused events as the fall zooms by. If any of you have some ideas you’d be interested in facilitating, please let us know. 

In the meantime, let’s all lift Chris and Kaysha in our prayers and believe for a productive season of rest and focus as they continue to follow Jesus and define His will for their family. Thanks! 

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