Mission Statement

Tribe exists to make the name of Jesus famous in Jackson Hole and to the uttermost bounds of the earth by building strong families, connecting through community, developing Servant Leaders, and making disciples that will change the world.



Key Volunteers

Tim Vetter- Volunteer Coordinator

Kris Lunde- Facilities

Corey Lack- Media

Joy Abad- Elementary Coordinator

Lindsey Leeper- Preschool Coordinator

April Preuss- Nursery Coordinator

Lindsey Parr- Young adults

Josh and Leah Gibson- Tribe Groups Coordinator

About the Team

Brian Hunter

Lead Pastor

Brian is a former ski bum and disciple of Jesus, Lissa's husband, Selah and Kai's dad, and adventurer in the mountains. He is the founding and lead pastor of Tribe located in beautiful Jackson, Wyoming. Brian’s greatest passion is to build strong families and make disciples that can spread the love of God to the uttermost bounds of the earth. A graduate from Oral Roberts University and an ordained minister. Brian's motto - Strong to the Finish. Anyone can start the race, it's how you finish that counts!

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Lissa Hunter

Worship Leader

Lissa has always had a gift for writing and performing music, and when she combines it with ministry, God uses her to soften even the hardest of hearts. When she’s not skiing, hiking, or camping with her family, she’s either strumming her Rainsong creating new melodies or she’s working with her hands to build furniture or remodel homes. Lissa loves people, and her heart for helping them is evident in everything she sets her hand (or voice) to.

Listen to her music here.

Core Values

  • Family- The most important social structure created by God.  We treat each other with love and respect, and we stick together.
  • Honor- We value people the way God sees them, and we strive for excellence in all we do because it brings glory to God to maximize our potential
  • Creativity- We pursue fresh, Holy Spirit- inspired ways to fulfill the mission of Tribe
  • Fun- We take our faith seriously, but not ourselves
  • Servant Leadership- We look for opportunities to develop others as we ourselves are continually being developed to help a lost and broken world

Vision Statement

More than a local church, Tribe is the epicenter of a movement that will have worldwide impact.  This movement looks like a local church that lives authentic christian lives within the context of community, is a positive leader in the community, & shares these principles through

  1. A discipleship school that has three areas of study; worship, creative arts, business leadership
  2. Conferences & workshops
  3. Intermountain church network