1200 South Highway 89, Jackson, Wyoming, 83001

Welcome to Tribe Kids. We're glad you're here.

Tribe Kids is designed for every child to be able to experience the radical life and love of Jesus, be led by His Holy Spirit, and have God’s living Word planted in their heart.

Tribe Kids environments are available on Sundays for children ages 6 months through 5th grade.

Our goal in Tribe Kids is to guide your children to develop strong ROOTS that keep them firmly planted no matter what storms they face, and to equip them with WINGS to soar through life, confident of God’s calling on their lives.

Our leadership teams work diligently each week to prepare a Bible-based experience where your child can expect to learn in a safe environment where they are taught applicable and foundational biblical principles tailored specifically to their learning stage.


We want to partner with you! Not only are we reading and teaching the Word in our environments, but we also always have available follow-up material to facilitate meaningful discussions with your children and give you opportunities to dig deeper into the biblical truths they learn in Tribe Kids.

The best way to connect with our team and make sure you don’t miss anything is by emailing Carla at carla@tribejh.com.


Every week our Tribe Kids visit with our friends from The Loop for a special time of worship, fun, and studying and memorizing God's Word. Students also dig deeper into the lesson during small-group time, and then take time to pray for one another.

If your children have any questions, please email Carla (carla@tribejh.com).