21 Days for Israel

21 Days for Israel is a 21-day journey of fasting and/or denying ourselves in order to make room in our hearts for Israel. As we deny ourselves or fast from food during this challenge, we are asking God to fill our hearts with HIS heart for Israel:  His love for the people, the land, and the city of the Great King.

This journey goes from Sept. 8th to Sept. 29th, 2023.  It’s never too late to jump in and join us!

We are following IHOP’s prayer guide on this journey. You can download it for free here: The Heart of God for Israel: A 21-Day Devotional.

Also, for everyone, we invite you to take the time to watch this 3-part docuseries on Israel produced by our friends at FAI. We recognize it will require several hours of your time, so we recommend you spread your viewing sessions throughout the 21 days. It’s worth it.

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