COVID information

To keep you and your family safe during this COVID season, Tribe has developed the following procedure in the event of a positive test result that comes to our knowledge after having attended one of our Sunday services.

Stay healthy and Hopefully, Your Tribe Leadership team

This letter will also be emailed to all of our Tribe fam who have visited a service since we have been meeting at the TMC

Hey, Tribe!

As many of you probably know, we recently purchased the Tribe Ministry Center (TMC) at 1200 S. HWY 89, which is located across from the Jackson Whole Grocer. It has been such a blessing to have a place to call our own and to connect with others and YOU. Whether it is used for prayer meetings, counseling sessions, staff meetings, Sunday worship services, or more, it has been a GODSEND.

On October 18th, we started meeting in-person for church with three services offered: 8:00 a.m. (masks required); and 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (masks optional). Thus far, we have had a tremendous response, and we’re looking forward to continuing meeting in this way until God directs us otherwise.

With this in mind, we have put in place certain policies and procedures in the event we become aware of a positive COVID-19 case with someone who attended a Tribe gathering and unknowingly may have exposed others. We are praying for everyone’s health and in wisdom we are preparing in case over the coming weeks and months someone in our Tribe Fam does get sick.

Moving forward, here is a summary of how Tribe will handle a known COVID-19 exposure at the TMC:

Notify anyone who attended the respective service where exposure occurred
Keep private the name of the person who subsequently tested positive.
The TMC will be thoroughly sanitized (and will continue to be clean between services)
Lastly, all Tribe Sunday services will be put on pause for one week which will allow for a 14-day break in interaction per CDC guidance. In that pause, we will still do a livestream service complete with worship and message.

Additionally, we are in regular communication with the Teton County Health Department, and based on written and oral communication, Tribe is in complete compliance with current ordinances as they pertain to church gatherings. That being said, we highly recommend that anyone who has underlying health conditions which the CDC states presents increased health risks, we advise either attending the 8:00 a.m. mask-required service or viewing the service remotely.

At Tribe, we take Scripture seriously, which includes the command to connect regularly (Hebrews 10:25) and the command to submit to those in charge (Romans 13:1). We feel that our current plan honors these mandates.

Should you ever have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to reach out to Pastor Brian (
We are so thankful for the opportunities God has provided for us to worship together, and we look forward to many more with YOU.


Pastor Brian and your Tribe Leadership Team
Staff; Joy Abad & Lissa Hunter
Board of Trustees; Bob Whitmire, Chris Baxter, Burr Storrs (Clay Hanna, not signed)
Pastor’s Counsel; Lee Martin, Joe Paulson, Kollin Green, Ben Bartlett

* Letter written on 11/1/20, policy subject to change based on changing conditions and current health regulations