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Hey Tribe Fam,

You all have been so patient and faithful to save your seat for Tribe services. It has really helped us properly prepare our living room to make sure we could accommodate all of you each time we gathered. But as all seasons come to an end eventually, our season for reserving a seat ahead of time is also coming to an end.

The good news–Beginning Sunday, January 30th, you no longer have to save a seat for Sunday 10:00 AM or Tuesday 6:00 PM services. Just come and enjoy!

The bad news–Since our venue is still living-room size, you will want to arrive early to make sure you can find a chair for you and all of your family. We won’t turn anyone away, but we do realize that standing-room-only could be a very real option some weeks.

We look forward to seeing you soon! And thanks again for your faithfulness to Save Your Seat in the past.

Your Tribe Leadership Team

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