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Psalms 85

4 Aspects to this Journey

Read Psalms 85 everyday

Meditate to REST by Upper Room Worship

Fast to eliminate distractions and make room to hear his voice


July 2019 at Tribe

Humility & Hunger

2 chronicles 7:14

If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and restore their land.


Psalms 85


On this scripture line by line while listening to the song Upperroom (37 min) You can find it on YouTube. Search REST by UPOERROOM it is in the COLOR album or on Spotify.


Eliminate distractions and make room to hear HIS voice. Ask the Lord what He would have you lay down for the month of July (ie sugar, food, social media, alcohol, TV)


Ask the Lord to search your heart for any sin. Confess it before him and ask for forgiveness. Pray that he would revive our hearts with a renewed sense of His presence. Ask the Lord for revival of your heart, for our hearts collectively as a church family, for Jackson, this valley and our nation.

Guide to 37 min in Psalms 85

  • Read it once through as a warm up
  • Read it through again and replace all pronouns with personal pronouns to read over yourself. “Lord you have poured out a blessing on MY land.”
  • Read it through replacing pronouns with the name of each member of your family. “Lord you have poured out a blessing on [fill in the blanks]’s land.
  • Read it through replacing the pronouns with the name of your city “Lord you have poured out a blessing on Jackson.”
  • Get specific in verses and dig in EXAMPLE Verse 2 says ‘You forgave the iniquities of your people and covered all their sins.’ Take time and thank Him for what he has forgiven you for and repent of any current sin. Pray this also our nation 7 says ‘Show is your unfailing love, Lord grant us your salvation.’ Take time and pray for all your lost family and friends.
  • Verse 4 says RESTORE US AGAIN; ask for a fresh outpouring of His Spirit so that we would walk in his power and that many would be drawn to His presence and turn to the Lord for salvation.
  • Use blueletterbible.com to look up various words that stand out to you.
  • Memorize your favorite parts
  • Write in your journal what stands out to you each day, or what the Lord speaks to you about Pslams 85