1200 South Highway 89, Jackson, Wyoming, 83001


Jackson Hole Churches of Wyoming.

A non denominational church. Tribe exists to make the name of Jesus famous in Jackson Hole and to the uttermost bounds of the earth by building strong families, connecting through community, developing Servant Leaders, and making disciples that will change the world.


Core Values

  • Family- The most important social structure created by God.  We treat each other with love and respect, and we stick together.
  • Honor- We value people the way God sees them, and we strive for excellence in all we do because it brings glory to God to maximize our potential
  • Creativity- We pursue fresh, Holy Spirit- inspired ways to fulfill the mission of Tribe
  • Fun- We take our faith seriously, but not ourselves
  • Servant Leadership- We look for opportunities to develop others as we ourselves are continually being developed to help a lost and broken world

Vision Statement

More than a local church, Tribe is the epicenter of a movement that will have worldwide impact.  This movement looks like a local church that lives authentic christian lives within the context of community, is a positive leader in the community, & shares these principles through

  1. A discipleship school that has three areas of study; worship, creative arts, business leadership
  2. Conferences & workshops 
  3. Intermountain church network


  • We believe that the local church is God’s plan A for reaching a lost and dying world
  • We believe that family is the first, and most important, institution ordained by God.  God reveals himself to mankind as a loving father.  He calls the temple in Jerusalem a home.  And Jesus is described as our brother.  The family is the strongest and most fundamental structure of society.  Besides the individual human heart, the family has the greatest potential force to change a neighborhood, a city, and the entire planet.  Because of the powerful potential of family, the devil is devoted full time to undermining the family unit.  Therefore, it is the duty and honor for the local church to protect and strengthen YOUR family, as the greatest hope for changing the world!
  • We believe that the christian life is best actualized within the context of community.  The nation of Israel lived as a large community, divided in to Tribes.  They had a separate distinct culture, value system, and mission from the other nations around them.  The church established in the NT depicts that of individuals and families banding together sharing meals and resources, working and worshiping together all within community.
  • We believe the church should be used to build the people, not the people to build the church.  Jesus modeled servant leadership.  He didn’t just use the 12 disciples to make his ministry great,  He used his ministry to make the disciples great.  People are the most valuable resource on the planet, when we honor and serve them, we bring glory to God by honoring what he honors.  If the people of Tribe are really going to change the world, they need to be equipped with the skills to do so, and be given the best opportunity to make it happen.  Servant leaders are growing in maturity in 3 areas:
    1. Spiritual Growth (discipleship)
    2. Character Formation
    3. Leadership Development 
  • We believe that Jesus gave the great commission to the church to make disciples of all nations.  More than just someone who likes going to church, or calling themselves a Christian, a disciple is a fully devoted, passionate, follower of Jesus Christ.  A Disciple’s life is marked by radical obedience to His voice, devotion to His Word, hunger for worship, comfortably operates in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and a passion for reaching the lost and broken with the love of God.   Tribe, as the local church, has the mandate to evangelize the lost, nurture Christians to maturity, and release them to make more disciples, even to the utter most bounds of the Earth.

The Master, The Manager, and The Mover

This is week 1 of our series “Walking In The Spirit”.

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Devoted to Destruction

Justin Waters joins as guest speaker today to talk sin and leaving no provision for the flesh.

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The Burning Bush

Clarity In Complexity Week 7

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